Author Topic: redshift/maya leaf white edge problem  (Read 529 times)

Hello. I use redshift maya and substance. I use redshift sprite node to read my leaves. It looks okay when the camera is close, however, when I move camera away leaves look almost white. Redshift admins said the reason is this: "the colour texture leaf file constains white information around. Because the material first reads the colour first then opacity the colour of the leaves turns to blue when the camera angle changes. The solution is add the colour of leaf to the white areas of the texture."
This process solved my problem. However, I needed to go to Nuke and merged the leaf colour over a similiar coloured constant. It is time consuming. Is there a way to do this on substance?

Just blend it over a uniform color with a blend node, if I understand you correctly.
You could also use a distance node, to repeat the edge pixels of the leave, which may be better in some cases.