Author Topic: Has Substance abandoned a large portion of it's user group?  (Read 1783 times)

Basically what the title says. There are around 3 million Blender users and there is only support for the corporate controlled programs such as Maya and 3dsMax. I remember when Substance was acquired by Adobe and the CEO made a big statement about how this was supposed to help things move forward but it's becoming very obvious that a large crowd of 3d artists are being left behind unless we continue to use the more traditional programs of the industry. There was an announcement for Blender support from Substance but it is clear that it is on the back burner. Don't get me wrong, these programs are amazing and already speed up the 3d workflow but it would be nice if the focus was more on artists. An example of this would be the Unreal integration, which has been pulled off nicely, but what is the point? The only time I would need source in my game engine is for the terrain creation, the rest of the 3d workflow is done before in the editing software. So shouldn't Source/Substance be integrated where it will be most used?

If you watch the prior live stream for Painter 2021 there was indication of the whole Blender thing. I would assume the main issue is due to the requirements under the GNU General Public License with Blender, and Substance being proprietary. I'm not 100% sure if they're still working to get something out or not, but I would also assume the legal challenges are going to heavily delay progress. It isn't as simple as some might think.
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We'll have more news soon.