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Hi everyone

I'm a beginner in substance painter and I have a question about the polygon fill, when I select the faces of my model they look blurry on the edges.

I create models for an old engine named goldsource (half life 1, quake engine) and the maximum texture size I can use is 1024x1024. I know it can be the viewport and I'm conscious about that, but my problem is when I export and apply my texture in blender I see the blurry effect the shape border is not clear, anyone could tell me why ?

Precision : I export from blender in obj without any UV prepared, I let substance painter doing it when I open the obj file in substance painter.


If you're using polyfill you want the faces you're applying the fill to have straight UVs. Otherwise to combat this problem you would have to increase your texel density but that may not be an option if you're fully utilizing your UV map and locked into a 1k map size.
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Okay so what can I do ? can substance help to paint correctly the faces I want ? maybe using other tool ?