Author Topic: Please, How to get the available Presets of Substance Source inside Cinema 4D?  (Read 1486 times)

Hello, The main reason for substance to exist is because it have an really awesome way of customizing many of the settings included in the the material in different ways, and the same material can have multiple variants and can be saved as a preset

For example if you go to the substance source website, you can see that most of them have at least 3 presets with different settings that are shown

If you load the .sbsar file in Substance Player, these presets are available in the top right corner in the Presets Menu.

So, if the main point and awesome thing is to have multiple presets to configure the material as you want, why these presets are not available as far as I know in the C4D Substance Manager?

So I want to ask if there is any possible way to have also a presets menu inside the Cinema 4D Substance Manager to select any preset included in the .sbsar file

This would be really useful and helpful and will let have much better use of substances materials

Thanks very much