Author Topic: Change the obj of the current project or copy existing layers into other project  (Read 974 times)

I was just wondering if there is a feature of replacing the obj in the scene with another one so the current layers will be applied to the new obj. Or is there a way to copy existing layers on the other obj in the seperate project. Don`t want to make everything from scratch if someone has a solution it`d be awesome

- to replace the OBJ: Edit -> Project Configuration -> 'Select' button. If you have painted manually, this only works correctly if the new object is in the exact same location in 3D space as the old object (bounding box cannot change).

- to copy exisiting layers to a new project: put all layers into a new group, name the group, then create a smart material from it (right-click the group -> Create smart material). Open the new project, then drag-and-drop the new smart material into the layer stack.

Thank you i figured out the first method but i did not know about the smart material technique. Love you