Author Topic: Combine Mesh Maps/bake maps in SP  (Read 1108 times)

Is there a way in Substance Painter to combine the baked mesh maps?  I have a model where the high poly bake works really well in some areas and not well in others areas, even when adjusting all the bake settings. So if I then go and bake again just using the low poly model as the high poly it works out better for those troublesome areas. I want to be able to use both bakes and combine say both AO maps or both Normal maps.

It seems if the maps could be renamed on the shelf that would fix it so it doesnt overwrite the old bake. It seems like I would have to export each AO bake map separately and then combine in Photoshop but I was hoping there was a way right inside of SP.


Baking low as high wont give you any normal map information so I'm not sure what you would be combining. The AO would, but yes, you would have to export out and do it that way. Mesh maps will overwrite upon new bake.
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Thanks ya hopefully in a future version they allow you to rename the Mesh Maps.