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I've hand painted real-life models for years. Mudbox has this feature, Z-brush has something like it. The ability to dry-brush, or just paint on the raised parts of a model (or even the inverse) based on a slider, is something that is sorely needed.

This thread [ ] from 2014 says they were going to work on it. It's 3 years later. Am I overlooking this option? And no, don't say to just use a cavity map (or its inverse), as I need to not just paint based on the base geometry, but also height and normal information that I have added in Painter since the start of opening the file.

If this is already a thing and I'm overlooking it, great. Otherwise it feels like this is something that makes sense to get that real-world feel and also stay competitive with what other programs already let you do.

Imagine the application. If you don't know what dry brushing is, this video isn't bad [ ]

This sounds like a cool feature (+1 from me :) ) , but I am not aware of a feature like that in SP2 (it would be great if someone would prove me wrong though) .
In the meantime, maybe you could achieve a similar behaviour by creating a custom substance effect or generator in Substance Designer? For example, you could blend information from the cavity mask and the height channel and generate a mask from the blended result. Or you could maybe use it to control the opacity in your basecolor-channel. Utilizing normals from a baked normal map might be more tricky.. You could try to use a "Normal to Height"-node in SD and then blend the result with the cavity map and the height-channel. I know, this is not exactly what you were asking for but maybe it helps a bit.

I also +1 this.  I use dry-brush in Mudbox all the time.

You can do a TON with procedural masks and the "additional map" inputs, but frequently you just want to paint in something custom in a raised/cavity area of the mesh.

Goes a long way when adding that "human touch" to a look development job.


I'm giving this a huge thumbs up too.  Definitely want this feature.