Author Topic: Files aren't linking correctly when creating shader network  (Read 1303 times)

I've had this issue with Substance Source for probably a year now. I load the .sbsar file as a substance file, click create shader network, and the shader network appears. The only issue is that all of the files are blank (black). Even if I did connect them to my AI Surface Shader, it would just appear black. I've attached screenshots of what I mean. I apologize in advance, this is probably a simple solution.

You're using the old plugin, which won't support newer sbsar files, as the Substance Engine is older. As long as you're using Maya 2017 or newer, you can download the newer plugin off of our website, which should support the files you get off of Source.

You should be able to migrate any previous scenes that used the old plugin to the new one as well, there are utilities for that.
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