Author Topic: Particles, Laser Impact not working correctly across mesh border.  (Read 308 times)

Hello Team,

I am trying to create mud streaks across a car side body. and for high speed mud trails, i have to use laser impact particle effect.

But its not working correctly across different mesh of car body. As you can see in attached images.

As suggested in other posts i have used tangent wrap, camera, viewport, normals off etc, but still not going through.

Other particles effects like leaks are working across mesh borders. as seen in these images:

The car paint parts mesh is a single merged part, single poly and properly uv'ed. Fenders and other parts are separate parts with different texture sets.

Please help.
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I am using the latest version.

Hello Guys. any ideas?


Well... If this is going to take it's own time, someone can point me to correct forum where i can get faster help? Like customer support etc... As the project is stuck at this particular issue.


Seriously? 83 views and no reply? Developers? Staff?

Its very sad that even after being a paid subscriber, there is no reply from staff or devs.

Is your geometry doing an angle before the cut, if so, it might be possible that the laser particles are following the crease and not going across your geometry?
If this is not the issue could you share your mesh or a part where the issue is present since I can't reproduce the issue on my side?
If you want to do mud splatter across those sections, I would recommend using a stencil with a good black and white texture.
Geoffroy SC

Hello Geoffroy,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is not a continuous surface, there is a parting line in between with flanges going inwards. (attached closeup images with textures).

For stencil, i want to make an effect of high speed mud streaks (mostly straight) and low speed mud splashes, which go down with distance due to gravity (this part is working with leak effects).

Stencils will give pre defined lines, which will not feel like natural lines (mud streaks, going down with gravity etc).

What i assumed is that with laser effect, and projection set to Camera and enabling viewport projection and turning backface culling, the streaks should go through in straight direction and should project the details on the mesh, irrespective of parting lines (which actually happens in real world).

I did the mud trails using the brush and some alpha, but you see, we are limited with the alpha at hand, and cant control the width of each streak, please look at the door.

(this is wip. rims, chassis etc needs to be painted)

Now the fine streaks on the rear fender is done using laser effect, with little spread value. and the thickness of the streaks etc can be easily controlled ( i am very happy with the result)

What I want to explain is when we do have such a good particle system, why do we need to go the alpha way and paint manually. Physics driven particle system will naturally give the best results.

So can we have a laser effect which can work across mesh borders and parting line (as happens in real life)? As i mentioned it does work on leak effect. Then why not on laser.