Author Topic: More "Surface" sculpt brushes.  (Read 5323 times)

Hi there,

I'm new to Medium and VR sculpting but I already love it.

My only issue with it is that I find a bit difficult to blend together the strokes, or obtain clean shapes.
In my opinion it would help if we had some more brushes that are constrained to the surface, and blend nicely like the "clay" and "hpolish" brushes in zbrush.

The Clay brush in Medium is a volumetric brush that adds foam in a 3D space, or it can be constrained to the surface... but the clay brush in zbrush is a surface brush that sample the points on the surface under the mouse to find an averaged center and to find an averaged normal. This ensures that the stroke blends very nicely on the surface.

Another thing that I think would help, since Medium is SDF based, would be to add blending between the stroke and the existing volume, as currently there is no soft transition and it feels a bit hard.

Thank you for listening, and congrats about this awesome software!
Hope to see a new release soon :)