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Substance Source materials have black/broken edges

Author Topic: Substance Source materials have black/broken edges  (Read 2424 times)

Hi. I have had this issue where the edges of perfectly sharp materials look black/broken when applying a material from Substance Source. This issue is replicated with many materials, specifically wood and marble.

I tried chamfering the edges, with even worse results. I tried changing the settings to no avail. Am I missing something? How do I fix it?

Below are two examples. Look at every edge of the wood components, they're dark and unrealistic.

Interesting, I'm not quite certain what is doing I'll talk our QA about filing a bug for it. It could be how we're doing sampling/filtering, but I'm not quite sure.
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That would be great. This is happening with pretty much any Substance Source material I've tried. The objects I'm applying these materials to are either default geometry (Box) or an Editable Poly object, with the same results. It happens even when I just load the material and change nothing in the settings (default presets).

Please find a solution, otherwise this won't work for us, as it results in poor renderings!

I use the latest 3Ds Max and VRay versions.
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Any updates on the subject?

I'm still hoping for at least an update. I wonder if there is something wrong I did in the way I load my materials, or is it standard behavior?

The procedure I use is as follows:
1. Right click in the Slate material editor > Maps > General > Substance2
2. Click Load Substance
3. Select the material and load it
4. Substance > Substance to VRay
5. Apply to material

Anything wrong here?

I finally managed to find a solution. Just set Height Position 1 to 0 in the options of the Substance material (not in the VRay Material options). I tried it with one material and it worked.

Thanks Substance .. for nothing.

If the height position is set to 1.0, then that's the default value for the material. We might be able to set the VRay displacement multiplier different in the Substance to VRay script, but the scaling can sometimes be different based on the material. You may also be able to fix it by changing that value to something more appropriate, instead of the height position on the sbsar.
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But why isn't there an option to make the edges continuous? The height position is only good if it makes continuous edges, otherwise it's totally useless.