Author Topic: Do I need the indie or pro license? (Sales Staff question)  (Read 415 times)

Hey everyone! Got a question (Highly preferable if someone in sales or staff could answer)

I am a contractor (So not technically an employee) that personally makes UNDER 100k. However, the company I work for (And that will be using the assets I create) DOES have revenue of over 100k  a year.

I am purchasing the license myself. The company is not paying for the license themselves.

My question is, do I need to purchase the pro license? Or does using the perpetual steam license (Technically an indie license of 0-100k a year) suffice under these conditions?

I can not seem to find detailed answers for a case like this on the website. If I missed anything, a link to that info would be wonderful.

Thanks for the help!

As a contractor, the revenue limit applies to you as an entity, so you will be in the clear with an Indie license as long as you make less than $100k a year. 

Thank you, Jeremie. I appreciate the quick and helpful response! :)