Author Topic: Substance Painter not launching  (Read 64 times)

Substance Painter has been working fine on the same machine a few months ago, but it doesn't launch anymore.
It shows the hexagon splash screen and it goes away, nothing happens.

-There were once a few error messages saying missing .dll files, but no error messages anymore for now. Those mentioned .dlls were in the Substance Painter installation folder, not sure why it was said to be missing.
-Tried uninstall and reinstall, didn't work
-It first happened on the 2020 version, I installed the latest version but still didn't work
-Tried to go back to 2020 version, didn't work
-Tried DISM and SFC, didn't fix it
-There's no PATH or PYTHON related lines in Environment Variables

Attached the log file, thanks for any help.