Author Topic: How to subscribe for 30-days trial?  (Read 2087 times)

so I want to ask the simplest thing for which I didn't found an answer yet.

I installed Substance Launcher on my computer to subscribe and download few PBR materials from Source.
When I click on download it says I don't have a subscription - so far so good.
When I click on Subscribe button it opens a link in your website showing me the paid plans.
Scrolled down to the button Try for free, but if I click on it, it just opens again the download page (I already downloaded Launcher?!).

I'm obviously not doing something simple, but I also googled "activate 30 days free trial substance source" and tried few other phrases too but nothing links to a simple tutorial or a page on which I could actually subscribe and get my free trial.

Can you help me?
Thank you in advance!

There is no free trial of Substance Source, only of the individual desktop apps.
You can try to download the free assets to see if they fit your needs and workflow.
PO @ Allegorithmic

I'm complitely confused, why do you show a "try for free" and let download the software, and than a validate for the try or even a limitid pieces of downloads (5 ?) is not possible.

How can I find the free downloads in substance source ?

Only if you answer my question, yes a did tried and source for "free assets" download to check if the needs passes, but there is nothing free.
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it is possible to try all the tools for free for 30 days, but not the Source assets.
There are currently 70 free assets you can find to check if it fits your need!
You can find them here
PO @ Allegorithmic