Author Topic: Geometry masks and fill layers  (Read 1371 times)

They just don't work together.
Hide part of the model, then add fill layer with black mask, then paint smth in 'paint' within that mask. Unhide hidden part and voila, you have reprojected mask over the hidden part. For some reason painter reproject layers. Maybe I understand wrong the purpose of the geometry masks?

The geometry mask behaves like a regular mask, if you deactivate it, the mask is not taken into account anymore in the stack. It just has the added benefit of allowing you to also hide geometry if you want to.

So, hide and paint is not the point? Or I need to use geometry mask on particular layer, not the whole folder?

I have the same problem
When I turn on hidden geometry, the strokes drawn before will be cropped
Sometimes I have the same material on another hidden object, but it is temporarily closed only because of occlusion
Therefore, the hidden object will be opened again later,but if open it, the previously drawn place will change.
It seems reprojected, and the previously hidden object will sometimes be drawn.
I think this is a very bad situation,Why is it designed like this?
For a long time, I feel that the designers of substance painter have considered functions from a procedural point of view, but felt that they did not think about of actual painting users, which caused some functions to be very unintuitive.

After waiting for a few years, I was looking forward to it when I knew that the new version had the function of hide geometry, but it turned out to be like this, which disappointed me.