Author Topic: Height shows in wrong areas  (Read 1961 times)

Hey guys,
I have for instance 2 layers, one has specific fabric like height information over everything and the layer above it has black as height information in some areas so I could get 2 different looking materials.
Switching between the different views, there is no channel that shows the fabric like height information in areas I didn't want it to show, however, looking in material mode I can see it everywhere.

I can modify the mask to block the height, however, I am using IDs as mask and I have to up the tolerance to get a good result, this causes the colors to bleed to other areas but it seems like it shouldn't matter when having the other layers on top, completely affecting the different channels.

Why is that and how can I fix it ?

I attached a pic of the channels and a pic of the material in pbr.

Thanks !
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By default, the height uses the Linear Dodge (Add) blending mode. You should switch it to Normal so that the new height replaces the previous one instead of being added on top of the fabric.

I missed that !
Thank you :)