Author Topic: Substance Painter not opening fbx and obj's at all.  (Read 143 times)

So I am trying to follow tutorials and learn substance painter, but it won't even import a cube.obj file. I get error messages. Please help! What could I be doing? I see tons online about materials not loading in properly, but none about the models not importing at all.

Can you upload the cube which doesn't load?
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I literally just clicked the poly primitive cube in maya and exported as an obj. Im trying to post screen shots, but it just sits here saying 'uploading' and never actually uploads my screenshot. and I know its not my desktop. It has 8 cores and a rtx2060, and all the other forum sites and programs are working fine. substance painter is just really not liking me haha

a list of erros, since the forum isn't letting me post my screenshots:
[Scene3D] OBJ: Unable to locate material file FOR8
[Scene3D] OBJ: failed to locate materials
[Scene3D] OBJ: No object detected to attach a new mesh
[Scene3D] failed to load 3d scene, no meshes in scene.
[Scene3D] OBJ: Unable to locate materials.

obviously I know what those errors are saying the problem is. but I have no idea why its erroring, like I said Im following a Mike Hermes tutorial, and I did nothing different. I even made a the same saves and files he did. so I don't know why mine just gets errors. I am very newb tho.

Reinstalled maya and now everything is fine.