Author Topic: Can't export transparency anymore.  (Read 137 times)

Having recently updated to latest version from early 2020 version, I got problems with exporting transparent png's (or any other format)

If I create new export presets, exactly how I used to do it before updating to latest version of Substance Painter, I get either black or grey background where there is no "data" ...
Before the update, those areas got exported as transparent in my PNG's.

If I open my older substance painter files, saved before updating, these export correctly with transparent background if using my old export profile (From Cache) , but when selecting my new profile with identical settings, I don't get transparent background anymore.

The only way for me to get transparent background with the new version, is to use the
'Document Channels + Normal +AO (With Alpha)' profile, since the Cache'd profiles get lost after saving old project files in the new version (I think, since I can't find them unless loading old save.) But this creates so many different exports and takes a very long time which makes it an unsuitable "fix"

It seems the "new" PNG's get saved with no transparency data, since default layer name becomes "Background" while opening in photoshop, meaning there's no transparency data, while my old png's opens as "Layer 1" in PS.

No matter what combination I use of Shader, Export profile Settings, Diliation/Transparent/Infinite I choose, Opacity I can't get the results I want, with transparent png (or any format).

For some reason my Substance Painter puts grey pixels where there should be transparency, even though there's nothing in my project containing that grey. As you can see in the screenshot, most of my base color (used for export into RGB) is transparent, but none of my exports are.

This was never a problem earlier, so I'm not sure what's changed.

Dilliation Infinite

Dilliation + Transparent

Photoshop handles PNGs differently for transparency, you might want to use SuperPNG otherwise extract from the layer. Another solution is to just export out a Mask from Painter directly that indicates the difference between your shells and use that.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Thx for the advice!
I've tried SuperPNG and several other formats but getting the same result, grey pixels (188,188,188) filling areas that should be transparent.
PNG's & PSD's containing transparency worked great in PS before I updated Substance Painter to the latest version.
I've tried masking too but lost the dilatation that way which becomes a problem using mip-mapped textures in-game.
So for some reason Substance Painter currently renders a grey color where there should be no pixels at all, while it didn't before...

Using the export preset 'Document Channels + Normal +AO (With Alpha)' gives correctly saved PNG's and PSD's with transparency that opens fine with Photoshop with the current version, just like it did with my previous version of Substance Painter.
But using that export preset bakes 56 textures for my current project, instead of 3, so it's very time-consuming.