Author Topic: Problem with GLTF export and opacity.  (Read 111 times)

I am pretty new to this so it's very possible my mistake is simple. I tried to search for an answer but wasn't able to find one.

I export textures with the glTF PBR Metal Roughness template (everything else I leave default) some parts of the model have transparency. I have added the opacity channel and made sure the shader is _alpha_blend.  All looks good in the software and in the renderer. However if I check the .glb file on some online viewers I get a weird issue.

The parts of the model that have the opacity channel show other parts of the model behind them that also have an opacity channel added. 

Attached a screen, hopefully you can see what happens. This the same part but one is behind, but it also shows through the piece in front.

I assume am missing some step.

I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately that didn't help either. However I did realize that the issue happens if I import the .obj file (which was modeled in 3ds max) directly into blender and set the mode to alpha blending. Which rules out this being an issue with substance painter. Perhaps it's an issue with exporting from max to obj and the alpha blending mode. Possibly something with the units and sizing I feel.

Attached is a screenshot of the .obj file from max directly into blender so this doesn't seem to be a substance painter issue.