Author Topic: [SOLVED] Unable to fix stepping issue on height maps.  (Read 105 times)

Trying to create height maps in substance designer and import them into Zbrush for things like emblems on my sculpts. Ran into an issue with gradients.

Using only the shape node set to bell to get a gradient. (to speed up troubleshooting)
Everything has been set to 16 bit, then HDR 32 bit, no change.
Image set to 4k and 8k, no change.

Here's a comparison. Left side is the map made in Zbrush, right side is the same map from SD.

Any idea on what I could be missing?
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Solution for future travelers.

I assumed PNG to be a lossless and able to support 16 bit quality, however, just in case I decided to export all height maps as Photoshop files which Zbrush supports natively. I'm happy to say that Exporting as Photoshop works as can be seen from this picture.

Best of luck future artist.