Author Topic: Display of exposed default values in properties  (Read 1211 times)

Wouln't it be a useful feature to display the default value of an exposed parameter in the properties panel? As shown in the image below with the green number - so the default value is visible immediately without need to dig into it to find the currently set value.

Just an idea, maybe I'm completely wrong, as I'm a total beginner, but I learn by looking at examples and some have so many exposed values and it is annoying not to have a simple view at values immediately.

Even further: along with an option to copy the value to clipboard, this could be very useful when removing exposure from a value with the Reset button. Reset could then grab the information from clipboard and fill in that value to the non exposed node parameter value.

I'm aware, that for a simple float this is easy, but just as an idea, I'm sure, there must be ways to do this with color values etc.. as well.