Author Topic: How to copy paint strokes into a new buffer (eg:From Diffuse to height)  (Read 1077 times)

I painted all these brush strokes onto a new layer with only the diffuse component active. I realized later that I wanted these strokes to be part of height information, but alas, the way Substance works there's no data in the height buffer because it was not active when I painted. Is there a way to retroactively paste the data from one buffer of a paint layer into another one?

For instance, taking what is in the diffuse channel, turning on the height channel and "pasting" the brush strokes into it?
This would be very handy. Is this already possible?

Use an anchor on the Paint Layer. Make a Fill Layer with a height channel then make a Black Mask and feed it into there with extract alpha.
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I followed your advice but couldn't quite figure out what was needed at first. I got it to work by adding a fill layer into my mask and then I was able to use the anchor there to reference the other paint layer.
Thank you!

Yes, this is how you apply an anchor through a fill layer.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)