Author Topic: 8 bit grey textures being created inside modo? How to create 16 bit grey?  (Read 5620 times)

We have a situation where the Substance artist is handing over an .sbsar and bringing into Modo using the latest Substance for Modo, with Modo 14.2.2.

The issue is that Substance will create the grey scale maps (height, AO etc) as nice 16 bit grey PNGs.  However, the sbsar inside Modo is creating 8bit grey.

How to 16 bit grey inside modo from that sbsar?

I'll need to check, but I'm not certain Modo supports 16 bit greyscale images. I'll see what we're doing, but if 16 bit isn't supported, we'll want to change it to upsample to 32-bit floats.

You might try changing the output to 32 float instead of 16 bit integer in the meantime.
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