Author Topic: Unable to Bake to Disk  (Read 2178 times)

Hello, looking for some help using the Bake to Disk function in Modo v14. I've tried this function many times and never really 'needed' it, but now I want it to work. Just picked up a new PC and re-subscribed to the Substance Suite so I am really excited but this is something I've experienced for too long.

I have the most basic of scenes with a simple plane, I load in a substance material into the scene via the Substance Launcher, place it into the correct material group, adjust settings, use the Bake to Disk function and select a folder, then  instant crash.

Note: I know there is a thread about about Ryzen cpus and baking needing a bios update... but in this case I can only say that the computer is brand new running a Ryzen 3700x, the bios is from July 2020, but this issue stills happens every single  time on my laptop which runs an Intel i7-8750H.

Also, the Metallic layer effect needs to get set properly when enabling it. I am not a robot.

I installed 13.2v1 and the bake to disk function is working great. For some reason I thought that bake to disc was supposed to replace the images in the scene create by the substance material. Idk.

I have the same problem.
Did you find a fix?


Looks like there are some updates in the works.,36153.0.html

Until then I am just using different versions of Modo to get by at certain point.