Author Topic: Cylinder imports weird?  (Read 594 times)

Hello, I am a newb to substance and I hope to not waste too much time with this question but any help would be greatly appreciated!

I created a cylinder in Blender, I beveled its edges and scaled it vertically to make it shorter. I unwrapped it and exported it as an FBX.

Upon import into Substance, the focal length is severely distorted and when I go to paint on the object it paints on the opposite side of where I put my brush. I have tried several times to figure out what I'm doing wrong but with no success!
Attached are my images of how it looks in Blender with UVs and how it is appearing in substance. It is strange that when I bring it in with a default sphere. The sphere appears undistorted and orbits the cylinder when I rotate around... It really feels like a bug to me.

Invert the normals in Blender (right-click -> Mesh Tools -> Flip normals), and make sure transforms are applied (Object -> Apply -> All Transforms). Re-import into Painter.

You were right! Thank you!

Do you know why my normals needed to be flipped? I would not think that would happen as all I did was a scale and bevel operation.

Thanks again! @volker