Author Topic: Can Upgrade to Latest Version with Perpetual License?  (Read 2783 times)

Hi, I had own a perpetual license of designer and painter 2019, I wonder if upgrade to latest version will still a perpetual license for lifetime access?

We do not offer perpetual licenses anymore. You can still get perpetual versions on Steam though.

So, if you do not offer perpetual licence anymore, then what will happen if I will be paying lest say 12-15 months and cancel my subscription. I have now SSP v2018.1.3 will then all be reversed to this upgrade?

Yes in this case if you stop your subscription, you would still be able to use the latest perpetual version you had access to before.


Hey looking for some clarity here. I have a perpetual license. I would like to enter a subscription to access the latest versions of sd sp. On the website I see two different ways to enter a subscription the first being by selecting buy which leads you to select a payment plan. As I understand it this will not effect my license however the part I would like clarification for is in regards to the second option which is found in the licensing window of the website where I can select a license to upgrade to a subscription for a discounted price. If I select this option and upgrade my license to a subscription will I lose access to my perpetual license as a result of selecting this discount?

Hi, your perpetual license is independent from the subscription no matter what option you choose.

Fantastic and thank you.