Author Topic: [SOLVED] Corrupted Distance Nodes  (Read 882 times)

I opened up a project to work on today and ALL of my distance nodes are corrupted. They are all stretched vertically. They were completely fine before until I reopened the project. I copy/pasted the same node setup into a new project and they work as intended/normally (photos attached for reference - corrupted version on the right) When I try to recreate my node setup in my current project, the distance nodes stretch the inputs vertically - as if they are broken. Not sure what the problem is here but I would sure love a solution. Can I revert back to an older version of SD possibly? Currently on 11.1.2.

Please halp. xo

Thanks for your time.
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So I'm assuming this was my fault, probably being too clicky clicky with my mouse, but after installing an older version of SD to troubleshoot, I still had the same problem.  :o  So...must be a project setting then, right? Yup. Turns out my Pixel Size Width was set to .09.  ::)  Set this back to 1 and good to go.