Author Topic: Noob: Automatic UV Unwrapping missing from import settings on mesh that needs it  (Read 1193 times)

Posting this here since it's also a tech support issue....but repost of this.

I am importing an OBJ from OnShape which provides a .MTL file on export but no UV unwrap.

When I create a New Substance Painter project with this OBJ the option to unwrap UV is missing

from the manual

But this is what I see

And obviously this is what I get...

So how do I get the unwrap option on import?

I'm assuming you're using an older version of Painter then if Auto Unwrap is not there.

That log message just means you loaded a mesh without a UV map in Channel 0 which I assume was done on purpose as you expected to use 'auto unwrap'. You need the version of Painter that has that feature to begin with.
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Thanks for the reply, that was it, the version I had installed was 2018,

I had downloaded the update, but didn't realize it wasn't auto-updating and I had to manually install 2021.

So good news, UV autounwrap is now an import setting, (yay)
......but it didn't do a very good job, so it looks like I have more learning to do (more yay)

Thanks for the help!

I personally wouldn't depend on auto unwrap.  ;) It can be good enough in some cases, but you still want to have good UVs especially when you're baking.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)