Author Topic: non consistent/exixstent support  (Read 79 times)

i got allot contradicting instructions, got told to kreate a bugreport over the program itself (without finding any button for it) but getting from the software linked to a site wich tells me that i should post my problem on the forum where nothing realy happens how it looks. my thread goes fully unanswered and im getting the feeling beeing ignored with my problem.

seccont part: in the troubleshooting site there are some versions of driver listed wich make problems. i tried older ones and newer ones, still the same problem. there shouldnd me any versions specified when EVERY driver makes problems.

third part: @Froyok posted a thread where he tells that the issue is solved, but in NO posible way its solved. this shouldnt be keept as solved when the issue is still persisting.

i think this is not okay. some people pay allot of money for this and dont have the luxury getting a license free for the class.

if someone reads this who has allot more to say in this: this is not okay! there is no way adobe can justify this!
no wonder so many tell me adobe is trash...