Author Topic: Art with Substance - Controlling Line Size  (Read 772 times)

Any ideas how I could create an effect like this?

The lines can be created easily with directional warp, but I have no idea how to control the thickness. Any musing greatly appreciated.

Yeah, you can do it like this:

- The part on the left up to the directional warp, you'd pretty much figured out, but the key to the varied lines is the next node - You need to blur the lines a little to give the later nodes something to "grab" onto.  I used a small value of like 1.5 I think 
- Then blend your lines with black, using the image you want as a mask (you may be able to blend other ways - I didn't poke too much). 

- Feed this into a Histogram scan and play with the position.  the contrast should be set pretty high, but not full.  You'll see some grey between the lines, but full contrast gives you some nasty aliasing.

- The final levels adjustment can be used to pull out those grey values, while still keeping some anti-aliasing.  I also used it to drop the white between the lines down to grey.

- The image has a level adjustment before the blend which can help control the values going into it when you do the histogram scan, but you may not need it, depending on the image.

Here's my result.  You might need to play with the values a bit: