Author Topic: The grout on my tile boiler template keeps going on to Bevel edge of tile?  (Read 1048 times)


I am in the process of creating a boiler template for tile with presets for grout in there, and whenever I change the grout to a new preset the grout goes on to the bevel of the tile.

Please advise if there is a way to get the tile finish on to the bevel of the tile and not the grout.

Please see attached:


Hey, you can use a threshold node on the mask and adjust the level to your need

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for responding.  I can certainly use a threshold I imagine in a few places and currently the goal was to be able to change a preset color in the grout and tile without having to now spend more time in the Master Boiler Template.  I guess this is not possible since the grey values get in the way somewhere in the line of nodes.

ie...,  please see attached both images the 1st one is a darker grout with peach tile and it's as close as I can get it without losing the shape of the tile and should be ok in 3ds Max since it will not be up close. I posted image again to compare with white grout. 

The 2nd photo where the grout is supposed to be white with same color tile and is very grey and Now I have to fix it with playing around with opacity/bevel etc..., Not the end of the world for a working Tile template with lots of color options to be exported for Redshift Materials in 3ds Max. and at the same time not Ideal.
It would be better if the presets could simply look like they do in their reference and the top layer of tile could also look the way it does in it's reference and whenever I change colors I Would Not Have to Tweak the Master Boiler Template Graph to get both materials to be accurate.

Please advise if there is a way to get a sure thing when using presets in a Master Boiler Template for Tile.

I would just like to be able to swap out shapes and change colors of grout and tile without spending more time to get it looking correct in the Final Master Graph Boiler Template.

It would be good if there was a Template in the library that could harness this approach especially if you are working on Manufacture's materials.  You could create the separate materials with the preset approach and simply plug in what goes in the background and foreground final material and everything would be as it is in the preset materials with no different outputs and overlapping of evidently grey values creating conflicts in the final material.

Please note this is my 1st boiler template material and if there is a better approach where the above can be achieved without tweaking constantly in the Combined Preset Materials Boiler Template - please advise.  In addition, I do not want to use color IDs to achieve above.  The goal is to have flexibility.


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