Author Topic: The new UI is beautiful  (Read 2002 times)

I just wanted to say that I REALLY dig the new interface, it's so clean, less intimidating and less cluttered than before.  ;)

I'm interested in knowing what you guys think about it?

I am fine with it so far.

Another favorite application of mine went through a major U/I update a few years ago.  Some people refused to pay for that new version, but most people got used to it fairly quickly, and most actually grew to prefer it over time.

I am assuming there will be some tweaks and fine-tuning over the next couple of releases.

I find myself looking having some "Where did that go now?" moments, but frankly, I had too many of them before the update, too.  Overall I'm finding the learning curve for the new interface to be very small.

Addressing U/I and Font scaling is now the biggest U/I issue for them, in my opinion (and it doesn't even affect me at this time because I'm still using 1k monitors).
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Very neat and organized UI. Sébastien and the whole Allegorithmic team did a great work to indeed enhance the creative process of painting. Thank you so much for this great update guys!

I actually was quite surprised when seeing the new UI, a new UI was never something I found remotely necessary.

It also does not help that the new UI obviously is designed for high dpi monitors, I'm not planning to upgrade from my 1920x1080 monitor anytime soon. My first impression was: less screen space, more scrolling because of too much empty space between buttons/ sliders.

UI needs to be scalable, pulling an edge of a window needs to scale both the window size and font size.

As a new user of Substance Painter, I found the UI to be surprisingly refreshing and easy to learn.  That is quite a feat.

I did run into an issue and wondered if anyone had an answer.  I'm going through the lantern tutorial right now but have tumbled the object so it's no longer standing straight.

Hitting the F key will frame the object but does not set it up straight, does anyone know how to reset the view?


I think the old UI kinda felt like maybe what it was, a pragmatic support to a growing app as they figured out what it could do. Now that it's settled a bit they've had that chance to make it more graceful and readable, it'd be an exciting milestone for the team :D

Hopefully next will be serious customisability. And maybe Python support alongside JS hehe

The update was very decent and amazing. UI has been great with the time and team makes the good effort to make the UI Beautiful.