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after updating from 2020.2.1 or so (some of the unsuportet ones) im running the newest driver 2021.3.2 on my rx470 and getting still told that my driver leads to crashes. im so annoied about that. what am i doing wrong? i allready deleted the folder in temp, local, locallow ans such, reinstalled and still getting told i would get glitches. after ignoring the error i only can use the tool without hardware acceleration and then it just locks up my ryzen 1200 and renders my system unusable, not even mentioning i cant use the render viewfinder this way with such giant lags.

after reading the info again i read that the radeon pro driver should work fine. same problem. log even says its the pro driver. im more and more frustrated.
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its now some days after my initial problems. refering to this a post from a mod here, and trying allot of steps. i tryed newer, non problematic driver, older as non problematic declared driver but still i have problems using substance painter. this doesnt look like a problem from amd to me and it looks like the program locked me completly out of using my gpu at all.

i hope its understandable that im angry about it, cuz i need this to work in school. im allready falling behind my shedule. i read i should post the log, on other points i get told to report an error. i dont have the f**king time for this! what do you want from me? and after trying to report an error i get send here wich says i should write my problem down here...

i tried older and newer versions (allready 6 diferent driver bevore 20.11.x and after 21.2.x)
used allways ddu do try another driver
what should i do?! nothing helps, nothing works with my rx 470 nitro
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I contacted you by email as you seem to have a problem that will need some back and forth to solve.
Geoffroy SC

i allready responded, whats the hold up?

nice how good this works...