Author Topic: Camera / View Controls  (Read 1065 times)

This tool is amazing for concepting and visualizing things in 3D space but I think it would benefit greatly from added camera tools to help with the process of creating. Here are some features that I think would bring this tool in line with other concepting products:

Floating Viewports:
Essentially the ability to have orthographic views of your canvas in your field of vision. That way when you are working on something from one angle you could, at a glance, check to see how those changes are looking from a different angle.

Camera Hopping:
I use this tool to build out quick 3D environments and while something may look good from my perspective as I sculpt it, it might not look good from other key angles in the game where the player would be seeing it. So having the ability to place down multiple cameras in a scene and quickly jump to them to make sure my sculpts are carrying the overall silhouette/ experience I want would be fantastic. This would keep me in the flow of creation rather than having to constantly zoom out, zoom into another location, get my scale right, and look at the sculpt from that perspective.

Camera Views
Kind of combining the top two ideas. Basically a floating window that I can place in the scene or would be attached to my view like a HUD. With this window I could switch between different camera views setup around the scene to check things from different angles. This would let me stay right in the sculpting experience without having to interrupt things by trying to reposition.

Camera Flythrough
You can make seriously cool little dioramas with this thing and they arent done justice by still photos. Being able to setup a camera path and flythrough the way Tilt Brush does would be fantastic. It would let people showcase sculpts right out of the engine and also give a way to create quick demos for the rest of your team to see if you are presenting concepts.

Thats pretty much it for ideas I have on the camera. All in all this is a fantastic tool and I hope you all keep support up for it. It has a huge amount of potential and I look forward to seeing what else you all come up with.