Author Topic: sbsar materials fuzzy in cinema 4D  (Read 1903 times)

Hi. When applying my sbsar materials to surfaces in Cinema 4D (v.23), they appear at very low resolution, both in the render preview and the output. In the material editor I have changed the texture preview size to 2048x2048 and even higher, but that does not improve the problem. I have tried this with both the standard and the physical renderer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


In C4D you need to increase the "Texture Preview Size" in the Viewport section of your C4D material and you need to increase the resolution of the Substance Maps by selecting the Substance in the "Substance Asset Manager" then in the "Attributes" panel under Basic Parameters increase the resolution of the SBSAR to 2k - 4k or (even 8k if you are in GPU mode).

Thank you very much!