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Just some questions:

1. How does the launch of the software bought via Steam technically work? I don't have installed the steam software yet. I just installed the Substance Launcher along with Designer/Painter/Alchemist yesterday and going to play with this next 30 days. This placed the software into the Start menu. Will the launch for software from steam also work like this, or does it have any drawbacks compared to the subscription based one?

2. Is there a time limit for the software offer via Steam? I hope, this offer will still be available after my 30 days trial is over, or at least that I get a notification before this ends.

3. Any technical complications to expect when installing from Steam while still having the trial license along with Substance Launcher installed? From a pure license perspective, these should be completely independent, from what I found in the forum.

4. Is it possible to move the installation to another system later on? I mean move, as I'm about to get a new machine in near future.

5. I know, I will not be able to use Alchemist and Substance Source via the Steam installation. Regarding the Alchemist, I found, that there's still the B2M software available on steam, which is really outdated, but might be still better than nothing - and I'm not sure, if I will need it at all. Any experiences out there, would you agree, that it could be an option to buy that one?

Thank you for some clarification

1. When purchasing through Steam, you will need Steam to be opened to launch and use the software but that's the main difference.
2. There is no plan to remove the Substance tools from Steam at this time.
3. Both licenses should be able to coexist without any issue.
4. Yes, the license is linked to your Steam account, so you can use it from any machine on which you login to Steam.

Jeremie, thanks a lot for the clarifications. I'm playing around with the designer software currently - steep learning curve and I' m really impressed by the software and the endless possibilities.

I did a test with UE4 integration, importing sbsar file and getting materials to work perfectly.

The question is: if creating materials to be used along with the plugin, are there any rules about backward compatibility? Means: will an updated UE4 Plugin in lets say Unreal 4.27?? / Unreal 5 future version be able to import sbsar files created with older versions of substance? Technically, it worked using old sbsar files from 2015 taken from share, just the question is, if there's some general rule on this.

Thanks a lot for some input on this.
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Yes, Substance files are always forward compatible. Any Substance file generated with an older version of the tool will work in future integrations and Substance enabled apps.

Upgrade perpetual license.
Any upgrade involves surrendering your perpetual license for a discounted subscription. If a subscription is cancelled in the future, you will lose access to the software.