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As of this morning, substance painter is not functioning. When I open it it gives me a white screen that says (substance Painter(Not Responding) in the upper right and a completely white screen. Painter has been functioning normally since I started using it a week ago until this morning. I have tried restarting my computer and reopening the program.

Hello! I have the same issue with Substance Painter. Everything worked fine until 9th of april. Now I can't launch SP. I am getting white window (Not Responding) and don't have any chance to open my working files. Could anyone help with that problem please?

I'm not sure what of the following steps helped me to fix this issue but now SP v21 works correctly.
1) Install 2020 version then update to 2021
2) Turn off 2nd monitor in windows display settings

From what you are describing, the only solution that I can propose is a clean reinstall of Substance Painter (
If the problem persists, could you share more information about your issue? What kind of hardware are you running on, what drivers do you have, your OS, etc.
Geoffroy SC

I discovered the solution:
"If Substance 3D Painter freeze right when starting up on Windows, a workaround may be to remove the registry preferences."