Author Topic: sbar import via ue4 plugin - no opacity on glass - what gives?  (Read 1434 times)


downloaded my first glass material from substance source:

and imported with the substance plugin for ue4.26 installed.
on applying the material to my geo in ue there is no opacity to it. So i check the instance material and look for opacity/transparency parameter to tweak..however there is none..

So what gives?;) since when does glass not let light through!;)

Im aware that in Substance Painter you need to use a particular shader model if creating your shader from scratch but I would have thought the source glass materials would come ready...

If someone could point m,e to/or explain the process to get glass materials to be like glass via sbar import using the substance plugin for UE4 that would be great.


Hey @DanH71 ,

In the 4.26 Substance plugin, there is a built-in Refraction template for glass Substance sbsars in the import menu. (Note: If you are downloading directly from the Source window into UE4 this window may not appear. You will need to right click on the Substance Instance Factory icon and create a new instance.)

Here is an example of the default template vs the refraction template:

Hope this helps. :)
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thanks for your reply -kg-

easy when you know how!

I had seen elsewhere that there was the possibility to download to your app of choice [in my case ue4] but what im seeing on substance source doesn't look the same..see attached.

so id either, import using ue4 function to or just click and drag in the downed sbar.

Regardless, its good to know there is the template for refraction that i just need to select on import. so thanks..

While im here i do have a query on displacement that i also cant to get to work!;) tried following this but got lost along the way and wasn't sure to what material was being referred to etc..

if there is a clearer, more noob friendly document , would be great if you could point me in that direction.
I'm guessing though that i need when importing the material for the first time to select the substance displacement template from what you mentioned above for refraction.?

many thanks

couldn't get my 2nd image showing the user interface i see, so pasted a link to it online instead;)

<a href=""><img src="" alt="2" border="0"></a>

Hey @DanH71 ,

The Source button in the top pane of the UE4 window. If you click that it will open the Substance Launcher (or send you to the substance3D website for the download.

If you have UE4 open, you will see the 'Send-To' Source functionality available as seen here.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, sending a Substance sbsar to UE4 in this way will NOT give you the import menu that importing/drag and drop will give you unfortunately. You would have to right click on the Substance Instance Factory (the green icon) and create a new Graph Instance which will then give you the menu to select a material template and change the names of the material/instance etc.

As far as Displacement goes, we also have a built in material template for that too! In that same dropdown the Refraction template is, you can select the Displacement template from there. There is then a parameter in the material that if you click the checkbox on for, then you can change the displacement value.

Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't go into greater detail about some of these features. But if you have any further questions, I would be happy to help. :)

thank you.

until now i was completely oblivious to the existence of the substance launcher;) very cool!


thank you.

until now i was completely oblivious to the existence of the substance launcher;) very cool!


@DanH71 ,

No problem! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. :)