Author Topic: Blur filter across UV islands  (Read 101 times)

not sure if this is a bug or known limitation etc... couldnt find any info on it anywhere.

I'm painting a head and roughly putting in some colour zones with a dirt brush, then blur to soften.  I am having an issue that when I use the blur filter is reveals clear breaks across the UV islands. 

Not doing anything special here, just a fill layer with only colour channel selected then paint effect and blur filter.

Any help or workarounds would be awesome. cheers

Blur happens in 2D space not 3D so this is unavoidable.

Mari is the only tool I know that has a blur that works in 3D space. It has been talked about, just not sure if or when it will come to Painter.

ah thats a shame, no worries it's easy enough to work around I guess.

Cheers for the quick response