Author Topic: How to import a texture with layers  (Read 1443 times)


I'm like brand new to ssp and I am trying to import my VRC model from unity into SSP. I already figured out how to import the model and the texture but I am having one major problem. I have imported the texture for my model but it appears as 1 texture file whereas I wanna import it and use/edit all of its layers. Its a photoshop texture file which has around 20 layers so I imagined importing it from photoshop it would keep all of them but it appears as 1 layer. Could this be how I imported it? What I did was imported it to my textures through dragging it on the shelf and selecting texture file, this lead to it being detected as 1 layer in which I added to the model by creating a fill layer and setting the base color to my texture but if I could import the photoshop file specifically to the model ignoring the fill layer I would imagine it wouldn't be a problem. Im still very confused as to what I should do here but if anybody can help I am fine answering any questions you may have to help this. Sorry if my question here wasn't very clear.

Importing a PSD with separate layers is not possible.