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Hello everyone.

I've been using Substance for a year now, and I've never had this kind of problem. When I try to bake from a high poly mesh, the normal baking is "baking the low poly mesh". Something pretty weird and even weirder to explain. The pictures show it better.

This is my high poly model made in zbrush. Everything exported fine as I checked it in Maya.

This is my lowpoly model. Everything is pretty simple. Very easy. I've baked a lot of times but I've never seen this.

The world space normal looks fine. But the normal map.... Is just horrible. And I don't know why substance is baking it like that. I have no clues and no ideas how to fix it. Have anyone had this problem before? Any ideas how to fix this?

This looks like the Low Poly isn't smooth shaded.


Low poly not smoothed:

High Poly:

Normal Bake:

World Space Bake:

If you smooth shade the low it works out fine on the normal. Make sure your low is correct. If you import it into Painter it should be smooth without a faceted look.
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You are probably right but everytime I export it from maya smoothed it keeps appearing as not smoothed in Substance. What should i check?

Smooth low poly model in Maya

Obj. Export options has the smooth on

But in substance it is still not smoothed and the normal bake has the same error

Does FBX work by the way? In Maya if you select all and smooth the edges it should come out fine.

If you want to share the Maya file I'll take a look.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)