Author Topic: Struggling to paint out baking issues  (Read 949 times)


I've tried following the information here - - to paint out a baking issue, but I can't seem to get it working. The baking issue in question is here...

I just want to keep all the rest of the bake information and paint out that area. I've set the Normal Mixing from Combine to Replace, which gets rid of the issue, but then all the rest of the detail is lost. And I can't seem to paint it all back in. :-\

A moderator can remove this thread if they want. Moments after posting it, I managed to get it working.  :-[ ::)

Looks like nobody did, which is just as well, as I'm still having problems. I managed to get it working the other day, but now I can't. Again, I'm following what's suggested here - - but the problem area isn't being painted out.  ??? :-\ That guide suggests a regular or Fill layer should work, but I can't paint anything out on a new Fill layer. And adding a Paint layer doesn't paint the issue out. Nor can I switch between black and paint paint.

It would help to either provide a .spp file, or a video / screenshots of what you're doing. It will work as intended if you have the layer set up properly and your mixing mode.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Figured it out again...  ::) ;D BUT. To clarify: has the methodology for this changed since that guide was made...? I managed to get it working via two ways - adding a black mask to the first Fill Layer, and then adding a Paint Layer. Then I can switch between black and white and paint in/out the areas I want. Or, add a Paint Layer to the first Fill Layer and set the brush and eraser to NRM instead of Color. If that's always been the case, that guide needs updating, because it doesn't say anywhere on it to do that. It's a bit vague on the details for painting out the areas.

Might be best to keep this thread open anyway in case anyone else gets stumped on how to do it. Either that, or I can refer back to it again in case I forget. :p

Also, the layers have been set from Normal Detail to Normal.