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Hardsurface Trimsheet GENERATOR

Hard Surface Trim Sheet Generator (100% procedural) can Generate almost 60 different trim sheets with an unlimited variation of color and mood. There are a lot of parameters you can tweak and change to get new results. You can even add further details to these trim sheets like the emissive channel in substance painter. Also, you can use it straight in other programs like 3ds Max, Maya, or UE4. Everythings here is procedural, and you can change the size to 256 or 8192 as you desired.There are ten preset you can use if you like them.

you can follow our tutorial about this product from our youtube


You will get :1- Sbsar file2- Color mask of trim sheet3- Grayscale mask of trim sheet 4- Preview of this product5- Propal plan for working in substance

How to Install :Just drag and drop on the substance painter shelf  and define as a base material
How to Use :Drag and Drop material on your Layer window or on your object and BOOM! The rocket is ready to launch. Tweak Sliders and Option as you want according to your needs.
This material Created by Mirage3Dart and Milad-Kambari, you can access to their portfolio on Artstation by the links below

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