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30 High Quality and Procedural Metal Smart MaterialsThis product includes 30 Metal Smart Material for Substance Painter and 4K PBR texture + Video Tutorials such as modeling, UV, texturing. You can use the PBR Textures for any program that works with PBR workflow!

There is a free section for you!
Free Section :
•  This product includes a free section that has two files for you!
Video tutorial includes Modeling,UV,and Texturing Tanker which you can see on the Cover. Tutorial time is 240 min-2 free sample smart material you can use freely!
•  There is also a 112 minutes video tutorial in the product, which is modeling and texturing of wagon that you can see in the preview images.

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info about this Product :
•  30 High-quality Wood Smart Materials (SPSM)
•  30 4K Wood PBR Textures( 4096x4096)
•  PNG, JPEG (preview)
•  Wagon Video Tutorial in pack

Video Tutorials Info:
•  353 Minutes Tutorials
•  5 Part video tutorial
•  3 Part -Tanker video tutorials
•  2 Part -Wagon  video tutorials
•  Full HD
Note :
•  To use the Smart Materials, you need to use at least Substance Painter 6.2.1If you need to rotate the texture to fit your UVs, the red highlighted layers contain the layers you can turn in each Smart material. Some of the textures use in main layer parameters, and some of them use in mask elements.
•  The materials can be used in Substance Painter 6.2.1 and above.
•  This Pack Contains.SPSM (Smart Material) Files and Preview Images.
•  The Preview Mesh above is not included in this package.
This material Created by Mirage3Dart and Milad-Kambari, you can access to their portfolio on Artstation by the links

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Release Notes
- Upload New free tutorial series with Metal Smart Material
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