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I probably won’t get a reply to this as usual, like my other threads/questions I’ve asked lately...  :-\ But has the way Substance Painter handles layers, Generators, Alphas etc changed slightly since sometime last year...? It could be me misremembering, but I seem to be having issues adding effects to my layers. I swear before, I was able to add a black mask to my base Fill layer, paint out the parts I didn’t want, selected the mask, add another Fill layer, and then add an alpha/effect, such as dirt or scratches, and then I could adjust the offset and scale etc. I possibly had to re-paint out areas I didn’t want it affecting again with a Paint layer.
Now if I do that, the effect/scratches still don’t show up in the area I want. Even if I’ve masked/painted out everything else. I’ve tried adding effects using a Generator and adding them to the Alpha of a Fill layer, and I’m still having the same issue. A Fill layer is ideal as it allows you to adjust the scale and offset etc. I swear that’s what I used before anyway.

If I don’t use a Paint layer to paint out the areas again, the effect covers everything, despite using a mask to begin with, which seems counterintuitive.
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Can you include a .spp file of where your layers don't work correctly? This is news to me.
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I can't seem to get Smudge to work either, or figure out how to use it properly. It probably is just me, but I don't recall having this much of a problem the last time I used Painter.  :-[ I've tried experimenting with adding dirt to the sides of the barrel in the scene, but I've gotten that frustrated with it, I've had to quit for now and come back to it another time.

On another note: the 'Notify me of replies' option I've ticked doesn't seem to work either. I've had no email or notification on here that you even replied. ???

If you have a bunch of layers and want to use smudge and have it work for all of them then you need to make a layer on the top of the stack, and put passthrough on all the channels for your blending mode, then you can use smudge.

Filters and Generators work fine when I tested so you'll need to be more specific to what you're trying to do and what isn't working.
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Hmm... Weird. Out of curiosity, how do you go about adding an alpha, like dirt or scratches, to something like a piece of metal?

I personally try to use Fill Layers and work in the Masks (with paint layers, fill layers, and filters as needed) while adjusting the height value in the Fill itself. Is this not working for you?
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I've gone back to it and it seems to be working correctly and how I remember it. So maybe earlier Substance was acting up and just needed restarting...? I'm not sure. Also, the area I'm working on already has a mask applied to the folder it's in. So maybe that was causing some confusion...?

I'll report back if things start acting up again. :)

Also, you're right about the Smudge and Passthrough. It's also working if I leave the blend modes at Normal and select the mask.
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Okay, it's going weird again. I'm trying to add fine scratches to some brass buttons. I have the base Fill Layer with a colour, a rough, and metal set. I've used a black mask to hide everything else except the buttons, selected the mask, added another Fill layer, added some Directional Scratches, added a Painter layer, used a Polygon fill to mask everything except the buttons, but the scratches just won't appear on the surface of them. I've tried different blend modes - Overlay, Soft Light, Linear Dodge, Multiply etc - but they won't show. Even adjusting the various sliders doesn't help. If I turn off the paint layer, they show, but they show on everything.  :-\

Not only is the forum failing to notify me of replies, but I can't even upload an image in the message. I get a Timeout error if I try to attach anything, and inserting an IMG link shows nothing in the post. :-\
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You'll have one layer or folder (depending if you're using a smart material) for the material, then you'll add another fill layer on the top stack, only enable the needed channels and adjust the height. Make a Black Mask for that Fill Layer, and add a grunge scratch in a fill or paint manually. This should work fine.

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Yep. That's exactly what I do and how I work when adding them. I have the layers in a folder called Brass Buttons. No mask has been added to the folder, but I'll try that next. But with the mask selected on the main Fill layer, I've added another Fill with the scratches, and then as soon as I add a Paint layer and paint out everything else except for the buttons, the scratches just don't show up.  ???

Okay, I've added a mask to the object's folder, and that's worked. The scratches only appear on the buttons. But doing it the way I usually do, and how you've suggested, just isn't working. Whether it's with a Fill layer or a Generator.

Ahhhh... I've just realised why it's not working. I've been using the Polygon Fill. Thinking that's a nice quick way of masking everything out.  :-[ :-S

@CAGameDev: Just a little something related that's confusing me - why is it, if you add a mask to a Fill layer, and you specify the areas you want or don't want affected by the mask, that as soon as you add another Fill Layer to the mask, and add some dirt or grunge, that it covers everything? Surely if you've specified the area in the mask, that's the only area the dirt/grunge etc will cover...?

If you're going to mask things off for cases like this you will want to make a Folder, then add a mask to the folder, and add your fill layers within. If you add fills to a mask it will merge depending on the blending mode with what you've already done.
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Ahh, okay then. Thank you. :)