Author Topic: How to make 360 panoramic backgrounds from game screenshots?  (Read 1357 times)

In many games, you can adjust the FOV to 180+. I'd like to make some panoramas from some cool Skyrim locations. Such as the crafting station at Riverwood, or hell, anywhere, because the game is so beautiful.  Shots of the misty mountains, dungeons, taverns, near fireplaces, like the trader in Riverwood would make a great background to work with (IMO). I find these real-world panoramas somewhat depressing. Another consideration is resolution. I imagine it might be pretty blurry at 1080p across 180 degrees. I know with Nvidia you can set your resolution higher than your display but i've never done it.

Any thought on how to do this? I've got no time to experiment at the moment, apologies.

EDIT: "backgroup"?.....
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