Author Topic: Referencing in Maya file breaks substance materials  (Read 1588 times)

Hi, I am using substance source materials in Maya 2020 using the latest 2.1.7 plugin, with Vray next.
All looks great, but when I then reference in this file into my scene ALL substance materials  break.  :o

They just show black and get errors such as cant create thumbnail etc
Sometimes they work on first reference in, but as soon as I save the file they disappear

Any idea why substance source materials wont work when in a referenced file?
And how to get it to work, much appreciated thank you.

Also the plugin seems to cause a lot of lag and slow down in Maya sporadically.
Opening a simple file can take ages.  If I try and open the new file that I have referenced my file into with the substance source textures now broken, it gets even worse.

Sometimes over ten minutes, and sometimes not at all, and I have to force quit maya
I have decent workstation, HPz840,  128ram and Nvidia P5000 Graphics card.

Any help greatly appreciated, as I've designed this character now, I don't want to have to abandon all the material set up.
Do I need to bake out the textures and rebuild a vray material perhaps?... which seems crazy to have to do that
Many thanks
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It has to render all the sbsars on load for now. I'll look at seeing if we can add a caching system to speed up load times in the future.

For referenced scenes, I'm not entirely sure, but I'll take a look at it. It may be that it doesn't import correctly. I'll take a look at see what I find.
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