Author Topic: Getting Started with Tutorial on Alchemist from Youtube Video 1  (Read 1741 times)

I'm just getting started and already I'm stuck.  Youtube video here:

What am I doing wrong?  Is there a more updated video I can use?  Thanks.  Please see the images below before responding.

1.  When I open Alchemist my screen looks different from the video

then when I try to add material like in the video at 1:37 the material does not load as in the video.  I drag the material over and it looks like this:

This is how it looks in the youtube video:

Never mind I used the tutorial here:

It starts differently than the one on youtube and I have been able to get started.  I guess I will at some point get to a tutorial using the materials supplied in alchemist.

I'll leave this here in case someone else needs it.