Author Topic: Is there any simple way to combine (3) separate full materials into 1  (Read 973 times)


Thanks in advance on best approach to combine (3) full materials into one.
Materials are:

1. Ceramic Tile Texture Only: to go in the foreground of the tile shape.
2. Is the shape of the tile: has foreground and background temporary colors. 
3. Is the grout: to go in the background of tile shape.

The goal is to build a library of separate full materials that consist of shapes, textures and backgrounds then combining them into one material.


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Hello @bluicat,

You can use the Material blend nodes. There are different nodes depending on how and what your want to blend.
Feel free to let me know if these nodes help!

Best regards,
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Substance Designer Team

Hi Luca,

Thank you for fast response and pointing out there are material blend nodes.  Yes I know and as I had mentioned exactly what I wanted to do was:
1. put full ceramic material texture in foreground of shape.
2. put grout in the background of shape.

what I did not want to do is to continue blending them back and forth over each other since they were independent full materials on their own, and as it is I had already spent Time to make them separately.

I was hoping for more specific answer for this exact situation.

By the way last night I did do a whole bunch of cross over to put all (3) full materials together and kept running into the
case where the grout texture would go over the tile and or the tile texture would go over the grout somehow.

Now I am thinking this morning to simply use a tile generator or sampler to blend/mask and plug in all 3 together and let go of their own outputs, since this is not working out to well.  I am crossing and connecting all over the place losing track on backtracking nodes.  It would be great if someone could do a video on how to take Full Materials and simply plug in where ever you need to without having to revisit and do more blending - unless you want to of course.

Thankfully, Alchemist was able to make the material look almost good.