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How  can i achieve this substance?

I cannot believe not one suggestion  ???
I have bought the whole substance data base and no fur like the one posted above.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
I have tried a few nodes though not much success

Here is a basic substance that creates a similar fur using a custom FX-Map node, this should be a pretty good start :)

Thanks for this though im lost in how to setup.
A bit of guidance would be good.

Has two outputs, what nodes do i connect to get the desired results?

Using your node on fur when placed in SD i cannot get the player to work.

Here im trying to make the shape of the pillow with you fur node

Substance makes textures, not shaders. What you are trying to get require a shader simulating fur (or you need to fake the fur via layered geometry). :)
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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all i need is to make a texture of this fur to place on a pillow

Looks like you have a ghost graph at the bottom of your graph, try replacing it with a noise and plug it in the warp again. What is the issue with the Player ?

My player is fine only wont work with the file you sent me

Hmm that's strange, what is your version of the Player ? (in the Help>About menu)

3.6. every other file works except your one

I tried every noise available. Nothing gave me the desired effect.
Your fur sbs is great though how do i make the fur stick up as in the pic i posted

You would need a fur shader such as this one:

Thanks for your reply though i don't use unity.
Is there any way i can make this texture with the nodes?
I don't want a shader all i need is the fur texture. lol